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April 10, 2003

HIPAA COUNTDOWN UPDATE: Congressman introduces bill to overturn privacy regs!


1.  Four days until HIPAA privacy regulations take effect.

2.  Congressman Ron Paul, MD, an AAPS member, introduces bill to overturn the regs & eliminate patient ID

3.  “Miranda Ad” news release prompts more than 20 news interviews.

4.  Still time to help run an ad.




We are pulling out the stops to delay or thwart implementation of the so-called HIPAA “privacy regulations on Monday, April 14.  Once again, lifetime AAPS member, Congressman Ron Paul, MD, who has been doing yeoman’s work on this issue, has come through.


On Thursday, April 10, Dr. Paul introduced a new bill in Congress to overturn the privacy regulations and permanently abolish the national patient id.  Called the “Patient Privacy Act,” Dr. Paul introduced bill number HR 1699 with these words on the floor of the House:


“Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce the Patient Privacy Act. This bill repeals the misnamed Medical Privacy regulation, which goes into effect on April 14 and actually destroys individual medical privacy. The Patient Privacy Act also repeals those sections of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 authorizing the establishment of a ``standard unique health care identifier'' for all Americans, as well as prohibiting the use of federal funds to develop or implement a database containing personal health information.


“Both of these threats to medical freedom grew out of the Clinton-era craze to nationalize as much of health care as politically possible.


“Establishment of a uniform medical identifier would allow federal bureaucrats to track every citizen's medical history from cradle to grave. Furthermore, as explained in more detail below, it is possible that every medical professional, hospital, and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the country would be able to access an individual citizens' record simply by entering the patient's identifier into a health care database.


“The dangers to liberty inherent in the "uniform health identifier" are magnified by the so-called "medical privacy" regulation.


“Many things in Washington are misnamed; however, this regulation may be the most blatant case of false advertising I have come across in all my years in Congress. Rather than protect an individual right to medical privacy, these regulations empower government officials to determine how much medical privacy an individual ‘needs.'


“…The so-called ``medical privacy'' regulations and uniform health identifier scheme not only reduce individuals' ability to determine who has access to their personal medical information, but actually threaten medical privacy and constitutionally-protected liberties. For example, these regulations allow law enforcement and other government officials' access to a citizen's private medical record without having to obtain a search warrant…”


Read the entire text of Dr. Paul’s statement.


PATIENT “MIRANDA WARNING” ADS – Generating News Coverage

As we announced in our email earlier this week, AAPS has begun running the “Miranda Warning” ad attached and pasted below to alert patients to the devastating effects these regulations will have on their privacy, and the ways in which their doctor will be forced to handle their medical records.


A news release today generated more than 20 interviews today, including one with a newspaper reporter who had already written his story for the Sunday edition.  He said it was the first he had seen of any problems with the rules, and was glad to talk to us to prevent his inaccurate story.  Newspapers and television stations from Washington, D.C. to

Santa Barbara, CA are taking a second look at the story.




Our thanks go to those who have already contributed to the AAPS educational fund to help pay for the “Miranda” ads.  For example, Dr. Robert McQueeney and his colleagues are sponsoring an ad in their hometown of Green Bay, WI, for a cost of less than $300.  The ad will include a mention of the Wisconsin AAPS doctors.


We have reserved space in USA Today for Monday under the assumption that we can raise the $20,000 we need to pay for it.  But we still need more than $10,000.





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