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In-patient care being out-sourced to India

Canadians who face a lengthy wait for procedures at home, and are deterred by price from coming to the U.S., are flying to Madras, India, for elective surgery.

Before airfare and other expenses, one patient paid $4,500 for a hip replacement, about one-fourth the cost of the same procedure in the U.S. or Western Europe. The price for cardiac surgery is about 4,000.

Apollo Hospitals, which now has 37 facilities, has treated 60,000 foreigners over the past 3 years. Few of them come from the U.S.

Medical care is a growth industry in India. Indian universities are graduating 20,000 physicians and 30,000 nurses per year.

Other Asian countries are also promoting medical services alongside tourist attractions. In 2003 alone, about 600,000 patients traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore (Wall Street Journal 4/26/04).

Additional information:

Americans are also considering treatment abroad: AAPS News, Feb 2003, p. 2.

Canadian physician brain drain. AAPS News, Oct 2002, p.2

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