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News of the Day ... In Perspective


Top ten junk science claims of 2005

Steven Milloy, founder of www.JunkScience.com, presents the “lowlights” of the past year. Although covering a wide range of scientific themes, what they have in common, he states, is exaggeration and hidden agendas.

Climate hysteria being the most important junk science issue of our time, Milloy says that all ten items could consist of global warming themes. But “in the interest of diversity,” he also presents: obesity statistics; radical animal-rights school curricula; cancer warnings about eating beef; the trillion-dollar cost of radiation hysteria; a “stem-cell fast one”; and more (www.foxnews.com ).

Additional information:

The “breakthrough” that was supposed to be an end-run around limitations on embryonic stem-cell research

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research: a Junk Science Christmas Carol, News of the Day 12/26/05

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Expert medical witnesses

“Did Flawed Science and Litigation Help Bring Down the World Trade Center?” by Andrew Schlafly, J Am Phys Surg, Fall 2003.


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