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Embryonic stem cell research: a junk science Christmas Carol

“Last week’s revelations that a South Korean stem cell researcher faked results that were touted in the journal Science might result in a most Dickensian Christmas Eve for editor-in-chief David Kennedy, who shouldn’t be surprised if the ghost of Jacob Marley appears at his bedside warning of imminent visits by the Ghosts of Junk Science Past, Present and Future,” writes Steve Milloy (Foxnews.com 12/22/05 and SEPP).

The controversy over the research by South Korean scientist Dr. Woo Suk Hwang began in early November, but Kennedy denied any effect on the validity of the science in a Dec 6 interview by the Washington Post. Now Hwang has admitted both to the illegal procedure of obtaining the eggs from which the embryos were created, as well as to the publication of faked data and images.

Milloy cites other instances of fraudulent articles that were not only published but trumpeted in editorials and press releases.

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