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On September 25, 2002, AAPS issued a statement and 5-point defense plan for responding to the possibility of bio-terrorism. The li nchpin of that plan is making smallpox vaccine available in advance to the public on a voluntary basis.

Some people have expressed concern that AAPS has changed its position on vaccine mandates. We hope this statement will answer any questions.

  1. AAPS has not wavered in its position AGAINST vaccine mandates. (See AAPS 2000 Resolution on Vaccine Mandates.)

  2. AAPS has never opposed vaccines, which can be useful and do save lives.

  3. We believe that making the smallpox vaccine available to the public in advance of a crisis and on a voluntary basis with full, informed consent will help prevent mass mandatory inoculations during an emergency.

  4. People who oppose vaccine mandates for themselves and their children want to make that choice for themselves. This will allow people who want to receive the vaccine to make that decision for themselves as well.

  5. We believe that drawing attention to the government’s inconsistent vaccine policies for diseases less life threatening than smallpox will advance the case for choice on this issue.