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New Jersey Event, 8/29: see

Salt Lake City
Utah State Capitol Plaza

Saturday, Sept. 18, 6pm to 7pm

Sharron Angle
Jane Orient, MD
Wayne Iverson, MD
AAPS CA Chapter Coordinator
Rep. Carl Wimmer
Author, Utah "Opt-out law"


Why do doctors oppose ObamaCare?

ObamaCare requires most Americans to buy government-approved insurance starting in 2014, or face stiff penalties. Forcing patients to buy insurance that may not even cover the care they need is wrong for patients, physicians, and our nation, and is unconstitutional. If this health care bill remains law, then it will:
  • Subject physicians to the greater control of insurance company oversight
  • Deter innovation by physicians because insurance companies won't allow it
  • Impoverish patients by forcing them to pay for expensive insurance they may not use
  • Enrich insurance companies at the expense of patients and physicians
  • Eliminate the growing market of self-paying patients
  • Bankrupt government programs and potentially lead to a government takeover
  • Cause many physicians to stop practicing, leading to shortages and long waiting lines

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