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A message from:

Illinois Vaccine Awareness Coalition (IVAC)
P.O. Box 946
Oak Park, IL 60303

March 18, 2001

Legislative Alert....

State Senator Patrick O'Malley has filed a bill (SB 1305) that would prevent the Department of Family Services (DCFS) from investigating families based on the delay or exemption of mandatory vaccines. SB 1305 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee this Tuesday, March 20, at 2:00 pm. Please call members of the Judiciary Committee (listed below) as soon as possible and ask for their support of this bill. Also circulate to others interested in parental rights.

Senator O'Malley is interested in hearing of anyone's problems dealing with the DCFS over a vaccine issue. Please email your stories to [email protected].

For the children's sake,

Barbara Alexander Mullarkey, spokeswoman 708-848-0116
Mary Gorski, membership 708-442-5915
Connie Roux, regional coordinator 217-355-6506


Illinois State Judiciary Committee

Chairman- Carl Hawkinson (R) 309-343-8176, Fax 309-343-2683
Dan Cronin (R) 630-941-0040, Fax 630-941-1205
John Cullerton (D) (Minority Spokesman) 773-883-0770, Fax 773-296-0993
Kirk Dillard (R) (Vice Chairman) 630-969-0990, Fax 630-969-1007
Adeline Geo-Karis (R) 847-872-7500, Fax847-872-3131
Patrick O'Malley (R) Bill sponsor
Barack Obama (D) 773-363-1996, Fax 773-363-5099
Edward Petka (R) 815-436-5577, Fax 815-436-8065
Peter Roskam (R) 630-790-1709, Fax 630-790-1726
George Shadid (D) 309-353-6276, Fax 309-673-8404
Ira Silverstein (D) 773-743-5015, Fax 773-743-4750


Message from Jane Orient, M.D. to Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee

March 19, 2001

To: Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

This is to ask you to support S.B. 1305, which would prevent the Department of Family Services from investigating families because of delaying an immunization, or claiming an exemption.

Probably nothing could be more frightening to loving parents and children than the threat of having children taken away and forced to stay with strangers.

Using such a threat as a means of forcing parents to accept a medical treatment that they believe to be contrary to their children's best interests is outrageous. It is so foreign to the principles of American government that public health officials deny that it could ever happen (as, for example, in a 1999 episode on Ted Koppel's ABC Nightline, in which I participated).