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HB 1134, immunization tracking and medical privacy, passed the Colorado House and is waiting to be signed by Governor Owens. The only action that can stop this bill from becoming law is if Governor Owens vetoes the bill. Calls, e-mails and letters can be directed to:

[email protected]

The Honorable Governor Owens
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792



This is just a quick update to let those people following the immunization tracking and medical privacy legislation know that -- today May 7th, the bill passed the senate on 3rd reading. The only person to vote against the bill was Senator Bruce Cairns (R) from Arapahoe County. Even conservative Republicans who did not support SB 61, did not oppose this latest version.

The arguments against immunization tracking systems and using the Federal HHS privacy regulations to formulate procedures and policy for the state of CO have not changed.

More opt-out language has been added, but if you read the bill the provisions are still not clear and there are many conflicts. For example, on page 4 the bill states: Upon the commencement of the gathering of epidemiological information to implement the immunization tracking system, such form shall include a notice that shall inform a parent he or she has the option to exclude immunization information. Also, language that allows a parent who consents to immunization to opt out is still in the bill.

Regardless of whatever sort of opt-out they come up with -- the bill is still bad. Please continue to call representatives, don't bother with the senators. Also, write the governor or e-mail him. (See address below.)


For Immediate Release. Contact: Cindy Loveland, NVIC State Coordinator 303-988-7769, [email protected]

The immunization tracking and medical privacy bill, formally SB 61, has been attached to HB 1134. HB 1134 contains all the objectionable language that was in both SB 101 and SB 61 and also adds a new mandate for Hepatitis A immunization for school children. The bill also allows reporting of statistical information and names of noncompliers by the schools.

The language, which requires heath plans, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers to develop policies, procedures, and systems to comply with federal regulations promulgated by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, related to electronic storage and maintenance of medical record information is included in this bill.

The public has been led to believe by the media and some legislators that parents can opt-out. The bill states: a parent who consents to the immunization of a child shall have the option to exclude such information from the immunization tracking system. (Pg.5 line 17)

To get a copy of this amendment to HB1134 go to: http://www.leg.state.co.us

Call your representatives today and tell them to vote NO when HB 1134 comes to a vote on the house floor. After you call your own representatives, call as many others as you can. It is critical that we reach as many representatives as possible. For a list of phone numbers click here.

Also, write a letter to Governor Owens today and send a copy of that letter to your representative and senator. Governor Owens vetoed a similar tracking bill last year.

Governor Owens
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792

[email protected] (do not send attachments to the governor's e-mail address)

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