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Studies denying abortion-breast cancer link debunked

Ten separate studies using prospectively collected data have been used recently to deny the biologically plausible link between induced abortion and increased risk of breast cancer.

All of the studies had serious methodologic flaws, writes Professor Joel Brind of Baruch College at the City University of New York. For example, in one large study more than 90 percent of the women who had had an abortion were classified as abortion-negative.

A 2003 study of Scottish women purposely leaves out women who had an abortion before 1981. As a result, Brind writes, “the most suitable prospective database yet to become available for the study of induced abortion was deliberately distorted beyond recognition.”

Professor Brind’s review article appears in the winter issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, published by AAPS.

Estrogens are clearly linked to breast cancer. During the first trimester, estrogen levels increase by 2,000 percent. During the last weeks, the breast cells stimulated in this way differentiate and become less susceptible to carcinogens. Interruption of a normal pregnancy leaves a woman with abnormally high number of stimulated, undifferentiated cells.

“Establishment cancer organizations and the medical community at large continue to deny or downplay the ABC link, using studies such as those criticized by Brind,” writes Ron Strom (WorldNetDaily 12/1/05).

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