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Peer review for expert witnesses in Chattanooga

Circuit Court Judge Neil Thomas has helped design a process to “streamline” medical malpractice cases and weed out invalid expert testimony before a case goes to court.

The process involves identifying independent experts in contiguous states who will review testimony by both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ witnesses to determine whether it is scientifically valid.

The project revolves around Rules 702 and 706 of the Rules of Evidence.

It is hoped that the program will keep frivolous or speculative cases out of court.

Stated A. Bernard Ackerman, M.D., President of the Coalition and Center for Ethical Medical Testimony (CCEMT): “Every citizen, physicians included, needs to testify truthfully under oath and physicians can be motivated to truth telling by knowledge that their testimony will be reviewed scrupulously by peers and then published verbatim.” (The Chattanoogan 10/26/05)

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