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Dr. Hurwitz convicted on most counts.

After the jury announced the verdict of conviction on some 50 counts, primarily of conspiracy, the prosecutor demanded that Dr. Hurwitz be shackled and taken off to prison immediately, perhaps for the rest of his life. The Judge acquiesced and revoked the $2 million bail. Dr. Hurwitz removed his tie, emptied the change from his pockets, and was hauled away by federal marshals.

The jury acquitted Dr. Hurwitz on nine counts and continues to deliberate on the final three.

“This sends a major message to anyone who would use the treatment of pain as a cover for being a drug trafficker,” said U.S. Attorney Paul McNulty.

“Any doctor encountering a patient in pain will now run for the hills,” said Siobhan Reynolds, president of the Pain Relief Network. She called Dr. Hurwitz a “hero and a medical pioneer.”

“The American people are suffering because law enforcement is taking over the practice of medicine,” said Marvin Miller, one of the attorneys representing Dr. Hurwitz (Washington Post 12/16/04).

The most frightening aspect, stated AAPS Public Affairs Counsel Kathryn Serkes after hearing closing arguments and the verdict, is that “being suspicious of a patient equals knowledge equals participation in a conspiracy.”

A number of patients, who had once begged Dr. Hurwitz for pain relief, testified against him in return for a reduction in their own sentences for trafficking.

Additional information:

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