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Noon 3/23 to 11:59pm 3/28

2 years have lapsed since ObamaCare was passed against the loud protests of the American people.

AAPS is sponsoring a free online viewing of the documentary, SICK & SICKER to remind patients and physicians of the false promises made before this bill was jammed through Congress and signed by President Obama.

Any time between Noon EDT, FRIDAY March 23, 2012 and 11:59pm PDT, March 28, visit this page to watch this full length exposé of the damage caused by government-run healthcare.

The AAPS sponsored viewing of SICK & SICKER reached over 10,000 viewers

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Help fight ObamaCare by purchasing an “Obama-ectomy Screening Package”. This gives you a public performance license and 100 DVDs for only $495. You can sell the DVDs or give them away. You can charge admission to the movie or screen it for free. Call the production company at 310-795-2509 (Los Angeles) or visit

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For almost 70 years, we have consistently stood for ethical patient-centered medicine—and the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship.

Our motto Omnia pro aegroto means, "All for the patient!"

  • AAPS speaks for Physicians NOT Corporate or Government Interests!

    AAPS is completely funded by membership dues and contributions, so we answer to and advocate for our physician members and not big corporate donors or government funding sources. The AMA’s deal with HCFA gave it a monopoly on the CPT codes, from which it derives at least $70 million in revenue annually. AAPS was one of the first to expose this conflict of interest.

  • AAPS Fights to Preserve Medical Freedom!

    We have been fighting to preserve the practice of private medicine since 1943. When the Clinton health plan was proposed, we fought for open meetings. And when the details came to light, the plan was halted. In the current battle over health care “reform,” the AAPS helped organize numerous physician rallys, has a pending lawsuit suit in DC Federal District challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare, and has filed 8 amicus briefs to educate the Supreme Court and other Federal courts why PPACA must be stopped.

  • AAPS Stands up for Physicians!

    The AAPS legal team defends doctors who have been mugged by Medicare, or railroaded by hospitals using sham peer review. We sued the Texas Medical Board in defense of physicians’ due process rights; this suit is now on appeal. We drafted legislation for reform of the Texas medical practice act and are fighting for its enactment.

  • AAPS Helps Physicians Reduce and Eliminate Third Party Interference!

    We have helped hundreds of doctors opt out of Medicare through information on our website and our limited legal consultation service. The AAPS seminar, “Thrive Don’t Just Survive,” has reached doctors all over the country who wish to leave the hassles of Medicare and the interference of managed care and start a cash practice.

Join Your Colleagues to Keep Patient-Centered Medicine Alive!

To serve the state? Or to serve our patients? That is the question we will increasingly face as government forces its power into every nook and cranny of our professional lives. I once belonged to all the standard societies—my specialty society, my state and local medical society and—dare I admit this—even the AMA. But I discovered that none of these societies stood on the principles I hold dear—individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, and the ability to freely practice medicine according to time honored Hippocratic principles.

Lee D. Hieb MD
Orthopaedics and Spinal Surgery, Logan, Iowa Immediate Past President, Association of American Physician and Surgeons

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