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Report on the Tea Party Express Kickoff from
AAPS Coordinator, California Chapter


October 25, 2009

Unbelievable! The Tea Party Express Kickoff in San Diego today was a huge success. Jan and I got there an hour early and was able to park close and walk around and get some photos. We stationed ourselves straight off the podium about 40 feet away. We were standing, those in front of us were sitting and everyone behind us were standing. Then the people came, and came & came. At one point I looked around and there were people as far as I could see in all directions.

It was great. I had on my white doctor coat and had my big poster "Physicians United in Opposition to HR 3200" with the AAPS logo. The people loved it. I had so many people come up to me and tell us how happy they were that a doctor came out in his white coat and supported what was going on. At one point, about 30 minutes before things got started a small crowd gathered around me and cheered for me. That was totally unexpected.


Things lasted 2 hours. There were excellent speakers from all walks of life, several singers and of course Amy spoke. The themes included turning around things in Washington, pro-American traditions & anti-healthcare reform. All of the action and activities were very inspiring. In the background was the USS Midway. On the drive home Jan & I realized we were both hoarse from yelling, cheering and singing for those 2 hours. It was a good day !

I have no idea how many people came. You can go to this blog to get other peoples comments:

That's all for now.

Wayne Iverson, M.D.

An Invitation from AAPS Coordinator,
California Chapter:

I invite you to the Tea Party Express Kickoff Rally in San Diego on October 25, 2009. This begins at 11:00 a.m. in Tuna Harbor Park. Tuna Lane is located off N. Harbor Drive and W. G Street.
(Next to the USS Midway)

I hope to see you there!


Wayne Iverson MD, MBA
AAPS Coordinator, California Chapter.

Tea Party Express Kickoff Rally
San Diego, California
Sunday October 25, 2009 11:00 a.m
Physicians United in Opposition to HR 3200

AAPS California Chapter stands in support of the
Los Angeles County Medical Association's (LACMA)
Opposition to HR 3200

NOVEMBER 11, 2009

DATE:Sunday, October 25, 2009
WHEN:Tuna Harbor Park
Tuna Lane located off N. Harbor Drive
and W. G Street
San Diego, CA
LANDMARK:Next to the USS Midway
RESOURCES:Web site for more information

This is a good opportunity to have your voice be heard loud and clear. Physician Congressman Tom Price lists 6 principles we support: AFFORDABILITY, ACCESSABILITY, QUALITY, RESPONSIVENESS, INNOVATION & CHOICE. All of these things can be made available to the public without the Federal Government taking control of healthcare. We need to put the patients in charge not politicians. We believe in people and markets; not bailouts and unreasonable higher taxes.

Come with your white coat and protest sign and send Washington DC a message all the way from the west coast.

For more information about Tea Party Express national bus tour and other stops visit their web site at:

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