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Welcome to the AAPS California Chapter


Wayne L. Iverson, MD, MBA
AAPS Coordinator
California Chapter

The challenges facing physicians in private practice are greater than ever. The Health Care Reform measures that will soon be launched from Washington D.C. will have a significant impact on private practice and the physicians in the State of California. AAPS has revived the California Chapter in order to have a clear consistent voice in addressing these changes and supporting independent physicians in private practice.

There are events happening monthly that all physicians in California would be interested in attending:

We believe medical care provided in America is not only the best in the world but the best of any era in human history. We believe that independent physicians in private practice are an important reason why American medical care is the best. And, we believe that independent physicians in private practice are essential to the community they serve. Physicians have an opportunity to have their voices be heard. Join as in the upcoming events and support your fellow physicians.


National Issues Facing Physicians

What's Up, Docs?
"The AMA signs its members up to be civil servants."

National Center for Policy Analysis

Health Care Reform Debate

Monday, July 20, 2009 Wall Street Journal Opinion on page A12 exposes the AMA's unqualified endorsement of H.R.3200. This is the House Democrat's latest version of a bill that will severely change the way health care is provided by physicians in this country. A coalition of 17 state medical associations and 3 specialty societies are at odds with the AMA in it's position. This article is a real eye opener for grass roots members of various physician organizations. Who really represents your medical professional interests? And, will you limit your support to those medical associations that genuinely support you in your medical practice ?

To gain a balanced view of the issues facing the American public go to the NCPA website: http://healthcare.ncpa.org/ The detrimental effects of the current highly partisan Health Care Reform legislation are discussed in great detail.

Also the NCPA provides real solutions for improving health care. NCPA does this by debunking the health care crisis talking points and identifies real areas where the public could benefit from genuine bi-partisan support.


Opposed to H.R. 3200 ? Some Physician Leaders Are !

American Society of General Surgeons (ASGS)

American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

In a statement release by the ASGS, this national organization representing General Surgeons takes the following position: "America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (H.R.3200) contains a number of positions contrary to our basic professional values and commitments." The ASGS goes on to list reasons for it's decision and further states that it opposes H.R.3200 as it is currently written.

The ASGS recognizes the patient-physician relation is a sacred trust and voices being: "deeply concerned over the government's current efforts to hastily overhaul our nations healthcare system."

Click here for more information from the ASGS


Friday, July 17, 2009 ASA diverges from AMA over support of H.R.3200. "ASA cannot and will not support the bill in its current form."

ASA states concern over the bill's provision for a public plan option based on Medicare payment rates. The ASA maintains that a Medicare-rate based public plan would be detrimental to the medical specialty of Anesthesiology. "Congress must not use this payment level as a model for any health care plan."

The ASA is heavily involved in the health care legislative process and asks it's members to stay informed and engaged.

Click here for more information from the ASA

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