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Stop “Big Brother” from snooping around your medicine cabinet!


·       National All Schedules Prescription Reporting Act (H.R. 3015) allows government and law enforcement to monitor your prescriptions

·       Treats tens of millions of patients as potential criminals

·       Give prosecutors & law enforcement power to decide who is “deserving” of medicines

·       Contact your Senators this week and tell them to vote AGAINST this bill

·       Click-through to send letter to your Senators in less than a minute.

·       Physicians:  Print out flyer for your patients!

·       Please forward this message to everyone.


Do you want the government to have a record of every prescription you get?  Every painkiller? Every anti-depressant?  Every sleeping pill? And then to pass that information along to law enforcement to prosecute you and your doctor if they don’t like what they find?


The National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Act (H.R. 3015) was passed by the House, but hasn’t been passed yet in the Senate so we still have time to stop it.


While masquerading as a law enforcement tool to help control the illegal use of painkillers, the national bill would cast a net so wide that tens of millions of suffering patients & doctors will be snared in suspicion.  Not limited to prescriptions for painkillers, it would create a central database affecting tens of millions who are not even suspected of a crime.  And the information will be shared with state and local law enforcement.


Prosecutors and law enforcement already second-guess doctors and prosecute them for prescribing “too much” or if they decide the patient doesn’t “deserve” treatment.


Overzealous prosecutors have already frightened many doctors out of prescribing pain treatment for the almost 50 million patients who suffer from pain.  We can’t let them do it to the rest of us as well.


Do you want law enforcement deciding who “deserves” medicines?





Tell your Senators and Senate Leader Bill Frist to vote against H.R. 3015, National All Schedules Prescription Electronic Reporting Act.


Tell them that you don’t want to make every prescription that involves any type of scheduled drug for anxiety, depression, insomnia, or pain readily accessible to the police and potentially to employers, newspapers, and blackmailers.





We now have an easy, one-step way for everyone to send a letter to your Senators, courtesy of the Health Action Center run by “Citizens for Health.”


All you need to do is click here.


Enter your name and address, and a letter will automatically be sent to your

Senators, with your signature.  It takes about one minute.


Doctors & health care professionals:

If you are a doctor, CLICK HERE to download a one-page flyer to copy and distribute at your office and hospital starting today!


Materials are posted for downloading at www.AAPSonline.org