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April 14: day of reform for the TMB

Our key hearing is April 14th before the Public Health Committee on HB 3816, which will rein in the Texas Medical Board:


It will be in room E2.012, beginning at 8am.

E2.012 is on the second floor of the Capitol Extension Building. Maps of the Capitol grounds and of the Capitol Extension Building can be found here: http://www.tspb.state.tx.us/SPB/Plan/FloorPlan/FlorPlan.htm

We're striving to have 100 or more supporters there, and could really benefit from your attendance. Our General Counsel will be testifying.

Our support among the 11 committee members is surging. Unfortunately, Representatives Susan King and Vicki Truitt are not yet in support. They need to hear from you.

Susan King is a Republican from the area of Abilene, the hometown of the former Texas Medical Board President Roberta Kalafut, where many physicians have been victimized by anonymous or confidential complaints allegedly instigated by Kalafut. It is not a big city, and both King and Kalafut are prominent Republicans there. HB 3816 would end the abuse of anonymous and confidential complaints. Rep. King can be reached at 512-463-0718 (Austin) and 866-463-0718 (Abilene).

Vicki Truitt is a Republican who trusts the leadership of the Texas Medical Association. But its President-Elect comes from the Federation of State Medical Boards, which always favor greater board power. Rep. Truitt can be reached at 512-463-0690 (Austin) and 817-488-4098 (Southlake).

Both Reps. King and Truitt need to hear from physicians and patients who have been hurt by the abusive Texas Medical Board. This bill, HB 3816, will end the pervasive abuse of process.

Hope to see you in Austin! Be sure to call Reps. King and Truitt and let them hear about your support of HB 3816. A blessed Easter weekend to all.


The Texas House Committee on Public Health has 11 members: http://www.house.state.tx.us/committees/list81/410.htm

It has scheduled a hearing on Tuesday, April 14th to decide reform for the Texas Medical Board, and specifically consider HB 3816 as supported by AAPS.

This is the same bill that AAPS supported in a letter to every doctor in Texas, and in an email to you last week. This is the bill that will end the abuses by the TMB that have been terrorizing doctors.

No more anonymous and unsworn complaints. No more license revocations without a jury trial. No more career-ending discipline for minor paperwork issues. No more discipline unless there is “clear and convincing” evidence, and no more discipline for medicine practice pursuant to accredited programs. No more TMB executive directors who are not even medical professionals. This bill brings to the medical profession what other professions have always had: DUE PROCESS.

We already have support by key committee members. But these 11 committee members at the link above need to hear from doctors directly, and immediately. THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE FOR TWO YEARS. It is easier to kill a bill than to pass one, and we need everyone’s help to pass this overdue reform.

Click on the link above and call the legislators in Austin to ask them to support HB 3816. Have your colleagues call them also. Have your patients call them.

Best of all, email us back telling us that you will be there at this hearing in Austin on April 14th, just as we will. We need your help to win.