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January 31, 2002

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act-which would give your Governor essentially the power to declare himself dictator under pretext of real or "potential" public health emergency-has been introduced in both houses of the Tennessee legislature.

The Senate bill is S.B. 2392, introduced by Senator Roscoe Dixon D-Memphis), and the House bill is H.B. 2271, introduced by Rep. Kathryn Bowers (D-Memphis).

You need to let your legislators, and your patients, know of the far-reaching implications of this bill. The AAPS analysis of both original and revised versions, along with an action alert suitable for distributing to patients, is posted at www.aapsonline.org. Click on "Model Emergency (Dictatorial) Powers Act." Call our message line (800) 419-4777 and request hard copy if don't have Internet access.

You can contact your legislators through www.legislature.state.tn.us, or by calling (800)449-8366. A contact for updates on the situation is Bobbie Patray, President of Tennessee Eagle Forum, (615) 360-8810, [email protected].

We need your help to stop this bill!


Jane M. Orient, MD
Executive Director