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February, 2002

Dear AAPS Member in Pennsylvania,

The chapter has been working hard to interest physicians and the public about the merits of Medical Savings Accounts as a large step toward bringing back the golden age of medicine. Working with a small but dedicated group, they have produced both audio and videotapes concerning MSAs, some directed at physicians, others at the public, insurance companies, employers and employees. Copies were sent to Dick Armey, House Majority Leader, who was so impressed that he in turn sent copies to members of the House.

The chapter has undertaken two new activities: The first version of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act from Health and Human Services was introduced in Harrisburg as House Bill 2261. However, because HHS circulated a new model bill, HB 2261 will likely be allowed to die and a new bill introduced that duplicates the new model legislation. The features and language of the new HHS model have been softened a bit, but it accomplishes most of the same things. I will send you another alert as soon as the chapter notifies me the situation has crystallized in Pennsylvania.

The second project, described in the enclosed sheet, is to use radio talk shows to get MSAs in front of as many people who can be motivated as quickly as possible.

In order to continue the excellent efforts the chapter needs your support! The chapter (and we) can't succeed in our mission to save American medicine without your active support both nationally and LOCALLY.

Please join the fight! Join the Chapter. Dues are only $100, a trivial amount when measured against the efforts that the chapter has undertaken. Send your membership dues in the enclosed envelope.

Sincerely yours,

Jane M. Orient, M.D.
Executive Director, AAPS