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Omnia pro aegroto

February 20, 2001

To: AAPS Members and Supporters in Oregon

Re: Mandatory vaccines We have received notification from a concerned parent about S.B. 450, which would provide for a personal or philosophical exemption to mandatory vaccines.

The bill has been referred to the Education Committee. Chairman Charles Starr has stated that he will support legislation to improve education through fewer state mandates and greater local control. S.B. 450 fits into this agenda by putting control over decisions about children's medical care back in the hands of parents.

AAPS opposes mandatory vaccination because it disenfranchises patients and physicians and interferes with the free market. The resolution passed at our last annual meeting is posted at www.aapsonline.org/aaps/ testimony/vacresol.htm.

A copy of our letter to committee members is enclosed, along with a list of members and contact information. You may wish to contact them also, and to call this issue to the attention of others.

A summary of the bill can be found at: http://www.leg.state.or.ur/01reg/measures/sb0400.dir/sb0450.intro.html.

Please feel free to call if you have questions, or if you wish to let us know about other legislative issues of importance to patients and physicians.


Jane M. Orient, M.D., Executive Director