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AAPS Helps Defeat Oregon Single Payer Initiative

-Voters reject socialized plan by 4 to 1
-AAPS ran radio spots, events
-Supporters plan to come back again
-Report on single-payer efforts in your state

On Tuesday Nov. 5, voters in Oregon rejected Ballot Measure 23 that would have created a Canadian-style single-payer health system for the state, funded by payroll and income taxes up to $25,000 per person.

AAPS was instrumental in the defeat, running almost 200 radio spots in 12 cities across the state, holding news conferences, sending mailings and email alerts, and doing radio interviews. The spots warned Oregonians about the potential for doctors leaving the state if the measure passed, and the statements from out-of-state supporters calling for them to be “guinea pigs” for the single-payer experiment.

Even with this margin of defeat, we cannot sit back and relax. Supporters promise they’ll be back. “We really are not discouraged," said one to the Portland Oregonian. "We have been able to get the discussion of universal single-payer health care on center stage."

Physicians for a National Health Program have pledged to chip away at the free market – one state at a time. The next battle will be in California, where a single-payer initiative is already in the works for next year.

Help up stay on top of the single-payer efforts – please report any organizing in your state to us at [email protected].

Listen to the radio spots:

AAPS is dues- supported and receives no "special interest" money to help finance this campaign. A $50 donation buys a 60-second radio ad in Portland, 3 ads in The Dalles, or reaches 7,000 people in Eugene. Click here to make a donation to AAPS.

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