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Model Resolutions

Subject: Autism and Vaccinations

WHEREAS, Autism grew at an alarming rate in the last 15 years, and

WHEREAS, The cause of this increase is unknown, and

WHEREAS, Vaccines are increasingly being blamed and supporters of this hypothesis do not trust authorities, and

WHEREAS, Authorities often have conflicts of interest making them appear suspect, and

WHEREAS, The bottom line is vaccination rates may be affected and authorities tainted in all pronouncements, not just those speaking to autism, and

WHEREAS, A neutral body can objectively look at the information, as did the Rogers Commission after the Challenger accident, and make recommendations; be it therefore

RESOLVED, That the Arizona Medical Association support a call to the American Medical Association to support the convening of a neutral national commission to look at autism (its rise and causes) modeled on the Rogers Commission that looked at the Challenger incident; be it further

RESOLVED, That the Arizona delegation to the American Medical Association take and advocate this resolution at the next AMA meeting.