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Model Resolutions

Resolution for Consideration
Subject: Supporting Free Market Medicine
Introduced by: Kenneth A. Feucht, M.D., Ph.D.
Referred to: Reference Committee C

WHEREAS, most current health care financing systems, including HMO, Medicaid, Medicare, and low-deductible highly managed PPOs are out of step with the modern, consumer-driven, internet-enabled, free-market economy and are products of a previous paternalistic era now dead or dying; and

WHEREAS, the above programs are not selling well to the public, are too costly for the care given, and are unpopular with doctors in the State of Washington; and

WHEREAS, the WSMA, with its historical support and lobbying efforts to expand these systems is in danger of losing relevance in this current era; and

WHEREAS, a dramatic public WSMA policy change would highlight the WSMA as a progressive "disruptive innovator" rather than a reactionary force for resistance to change, THEREFORE BE IT

RESOLVED, that the WSMA study, design, support, and endorse innovative consumer-driven and controlled health care financing programs such as MSAs linked to high-deductible, unmanaged insurance and defined-contribution employer programs, and;

RESOLVED, that the WSMA study, design, support, and endorse only innovative tax credit and refundable tax credit programs linked to catastrophic insurance for seniors currently covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and for the poor uninsured; and

RESOLVED, that the WSMA end its lobbying support for, and instead take a "neutral" or "oppose" position on any legislation to increase financing of, or expand the scope of outdated, top-down, managed, first-dollar, anti-free market and consumer unfriendly programs such as Medicare, DSHS, Healthy Options, HMOs and low- deductible, highly managed PPOs.