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Model Resolutions

CMA Resolution, submitted January, 2003
TITLE: New Priority Opportunity for Expanded Coverage and Tax Equity
AUTHOR: Stephen J. Walsh, M.D.

WHEREAS the current federal administration and Congress, with a physician heading the majority party in the Senate, have indicated support for tax reductions, Medicare prescription drug cost relief, expanded availability of Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) and refundable tax credits for the uninsured, and

WHEREAS millions of the uninsured, self-employed and working families who don't purchase medical care through their employer continue to be unfairly discriminated against by government tax policies forcing them to use after-tax dollars for medical care which doubles their cost of care, and

WHEREAS this unfair inequitable tax system inexorably drives medical care in the direction of more corporate control over money, doctors and patients, and

WHEREAS CMA policy supports the use of pre-tax dollars by all Americans for their medical expenses through full tax deductibility for these costs, expanded availability of medical savings accounts and refundable tax credits for the uninsured,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CMA will in 2003 give high priority to using opportunities with the new Congress and administration to urge each California federal legislator to change tax laws and medical savings account regulations to assure that all Americans may use pre-tax dollars for their medical care, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CMA will in 2003 urge these same California federal legislators to support refundable tax credits for those uninsured not able to purchase adequate medical care for themselves, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this matter will be referred for national action.