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Model Resolutions


WHEREAS: the prescription of analgesics is the responsibility of physicians, who must act in accordance with their own best judgment; and

WHEREAS: the prescription of analgesics to achieve a certain patient-defined subjective score may be contrary to good medical practice and the patient's best interest; and

WHEREAS: pain is a symptom, not an objectively quantifiable sign, much less a "vital sign" comparable to blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration; and

WHEREAS: the Pain Standard, which requires detailed assessment of every pain source on every shift, placing each on a subjective scale of 1 to 10, diverts personnel time to massive paperwork requirements at a time of an unprecedented nursing shortage; and

WHEREAS: the JCAHO Pain Standard was rejected by work groups of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the American Academy of Family Physicians and has never been approved by the membership of any professional organization; and

WHEREAS: emergency physicians are facing demands by addicted patients asserting their "right to pain relief," while acceding to such demands is not only inappropriate from a medical standpoint but subjects the physician to risk of criminal prosecution; and

WHEREAS: the Medical Association of Georgia House of Delegates and the Utah Medical Association House of Delegates passed resolutions opposing the Pain Standard, and litigation to suspend implementation of the standards may be brought in Tennessee in the near future; and

WHEREAS: the JCAHO does not have the authority to dictate the practice of medicine,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: that the _______ Association advise JCAHO if its members' recommendation to rescind the Pain Standard, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that the __________ Association bring a resolution to the AMA opposing the Pain Standard and directing the AMA's representatives on the governing body of JCAHO to urge the reconsideration and withdrawal of the Pain Standard.