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Model Resolutions

Unified Membership in the Core Organization

Submitted By Pima County Medical Society

Whereas, The AMA is in the process of reorganizing; and

Whereas, The AMA would like to be the Core Organization in association with various state and medical specialty societies; and

Whereas, The Commission on Unity (COU) Report recommended "tha, in order to participate, organizations must agree to unified membership in the Core Organization; and

Whereas, Local medical societies permit more meaningful participation in organized medicine by individual physicans; and

Whereas, Local and state medical societies are in the best position to have an understanding of local circumstances and to exercise influence in their communities and the state legislatures; and

Whereas, Many physicians wish to participate in their local, state or specialty societies but, for various reasons, do not wish to belong to the AMA; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Arizona Medical Association vigorously oppose mandatory AMA membership as a condition for belonging to other medical societies and also vigorously oppose any effort to discourage dynamic local medical societies.