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Model Resolutions

RE: Amendment to Duty to Report Statute

Submitted By Pima County Medical Society

WHEREAS, All of medicine is subject today to public scrutiny, state regulation and legislative action; and

WHEREAS, The profession is the best initial investigator of these professional areas; and

WHEREAS, Licensed medical professionals are the best proponents/opponents in these areas; and

WHEREAS, Organized medicine is the best forum in which to discuss and debate the ideas, philosophy and practice in these myriad areas; and

WHEREAS, The broad, absolute duty for physicians and organized medicine to report incompetent and unprofessional colleagues may hamper the free exchange of ideas, education and friendly persuasion; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the Arizona Medical Association support, and work for, a statutory or regulatory change that will allow duly constituted committees of organized medicine the freedom to explore diverse areas of medicine with colleagues without triggering mandatory reporting.