Doctors Question Clinton on Medical Privacy

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OCTOBER 29, 1999


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Statement by Jane M. Orient, M.D., Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons in response to President Clintonís announcement of forthcoming regulations on medical privacy

"Trusting President Clinton to protect our medical privacy is a bit like asking the Pied Piper to baby-sit our children. "Congress had better take a very close look at the details of the Presidentís privacy regulations when they come out, as this Administrationís record on privacy is lousy. President Clinton had no problem with pushing a national patient i.d. through Congress to record all the intimate details of our records on a national database, while refusing to make public his own medical file.

"And wasnít it this Administration that pilfered hundreds of FBI files for its own use, and leaked Linda Trippís personnel file? The same Administration that enacted the federal OASIS program this year to collect pages of intrusive personal information, from toilet habits to sexual activity, from people getting home health care -- whether paid for by the federal government or not.

"This Administration has repeatedly abused the privacy of others for its own agenda. President Clintonís call for an end to abuse of medical records is the ultimate irony."