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Patient Protection Pledge

The Consumer Coalition requests legislators to sign this Pledge. The Pledge reaffirms that Americans' rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are also the conerstones of the American medical system. Patient freedom and privacy must be protected.

I, _______________, pledge to the taxpayers and citizens of the ______________ District of the State of ___________________, and to the American people that I will:

Oppose any further government limitation of the right of Americans to buy health services not covered by their current private or government medical plan. I will oppose telling patients how to spend their own money. (FREEDOM OF CONSUMER CHOICE)

Oppose any further government rationing of medical services paid for privately or covered by private insurance plans. I will oppose further limitations on, and government mandates in, private medical insurance. (FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT RATIONING and CONTROLS)

Oppose further intrusions in the right to keep private medical records private. I will oppose further reporting of private medical transactions to government agencies. I will oppose further government creation of medical databases from private medical records. I will oppose government imposition of additional paperwork burdens. (FREEDOM FROM AN INVASION OF PATIENT PRIVACY)

Oppose further limitations on the right of Americans to contract privately in the medical system. I will oppose forcing government patients, such as those covered by Medicaid or Medicare, to rely solely on government entitlement programs. I will oppose any further creation or expansion of medical entitlement programs. (FREEDOM FROM ENTITLEMENT CREATION OR EXPANSION)

Endorsed by:

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
American Conservative Union
Seniors Coalition
Small Business Survival Committee
National Legal and Policy Center
Council for Affordable Health Insurance
Pacific Research Institute
Sixty Plus
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Americans for Tax Reform
Association of Concerned Taxpayers
Competitive Enterprise Institute
United Seniors Association
Women for Tax Reform