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Dr Benjamin Moore - The Suicide Discovered…:

Imagine what it was like…

The call came at 2:15 am, "Allen, this is your Mom. Benjamin has committed suicide."


"I couldn't find him…I was tired and went to sleep about 8:30…didn't know where he was. I woke up about 2:00 am, and went upstairs (to his bedroom) and he wasn't there. Then I went out into the front, and his truck was there.

So, I started looking around the yard…went to the back, towards the barn. Then I saw him, hanging from the walnut tree in the back. He was slumped down beside the trunk, with a rope around his neck. I knew he was dead. Even at night, with only the moonlight, I could see that his face was blue, and I knew he was dead."

She came back to the house, called 9-1-1, then called me.

As I was talking with her, the emergency services arrived and she said, "I've got to call you back."

For the next seven hours, until the pastor of our church and I arrived, she dealt with the situation on her own, remembering Benjamin the doctor, remembering Benjamin the son.

When I got a copy of the death investigation report, it simply said, "Death by strangulation - self inflicted."

Is there a message here? What was Benjamin trying to tell us?