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Omnia pro aegroto

Dr Benjamin Moore to the press:

From a message to ****** a reporter for the Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC:

You still refuse to say that 5 doctors have suspensions and 11 in all have been restricted. This is news. One might think that the DEA interference with the lawful practice of medicine is so agents can get big promotions at the expense of people in pain. 16,500 people died from FDA approved non-steroidal medication last year, 200 died from purposeful abuse of oxycontin. Yet the DEA is concerned with the last number not the first. Where's the sense in that?

Also you are not telling the public that I have been writing to the Congressman about DEA intrusion into the lawful practice of medicine in Myrtle Beach for over one year. Check your facts! Call *********

The big news is that the DEA agents responsible for this "investigation" are themselves being investigated by their own agency for misconduct! If you don't believe me then I say again talk to ******* .