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Patient pays doctor is now a “man bites dog” story.

An Associated Press story about AAPS member Vern Cherewatenko, M.D., of Renton WA, is being published in dozens of newspapers throughout the country and generating hundreds of positive e-mails.

“When Chuck O’Brien visits his doctor, they talk about his aches and pains, his heart problems and his diet, but never about his health insurance,” writes reporter Rebecca Cook. “Dr. Vern Cherewatenko is one of a small but growing number of physicians across the country who are dumping complicated insurance contracts in favor of simple cash payments.”

Dr. Cherewatenko slashed administrative costs, allowing him to make prompt care available at an affordable price to the uninsured.

Dr. Shelley Giebel, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Temple, TX, another AAPS member, is also featured. She dropped insurance contracts 8 years ago.

This innovative development–payment at the time of service–is called a “terrible indictment of the collapsing health care system” by Dr. Arthur Caplan, chairman of the ethics department at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. Dr. John C. Nelson, incoming AMA President, says that “we support the physician’s right to do that.”

For the complete article, go to www.yahoo.com, click on “news,” and search on “Cherewatenko.”

Additional information:

Dr. Cherewatenko is the founder of SimpleCare: see www.simplecare.com.

Two free CDs featuring four other third-party-free doctors are available on request from AAPS. Call 800.419.4777 and leave a message. Drs. Todd Coulter and Robert Berry are internists; Dr. Michael Harris is a urologist; and Dr. Tim Kriss is a neurosurgeon.

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