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Limbaugh Prosecutor Admits Records Seizure an Invasion of Privacy

(From NewsMax.com) Palm Beach County Assistant State Attorney James Martz admitted yesterday that when his office seized the medical records of top talk radio host Rush Limbaugh in November, it was an extreme invasion of privacy - comparing the action to a legally justifiable strip search of a drug suspect.

Though Limbaugh has not been charged with a crime, Martz "asked judges to consider very intimate invasions of privacy that have been upheld by the courts – including strip searches and forced removal of evidence from people's bodies," according to Tuesday's Palm Beach Post. (Read Full Story)

In a related NewsMax.com article The Medicine Men write a letter to Rush:

Dear Rush,

Just the other day on the EIB Network you referred to yourself as our "hero and leader." Here is a suggestion that will make you a real champion for more than 40 million people and not just to your conservative ditto-heads!

And all you have to do is set the record straight and feel your own pain.

Instead of claiming to be a drug addict, why don't you just tell prosecutors to get off your aching back - and neck? Admit you are one of the millions of patients in chronic pain and start taking the legal meds you need. (Read Full Letter)

Additional information:

Doctor shopping a symptom of undertreatment of pain. JP&S Vol. 9 No. 1 (PDF file)

Palm Beach County Judge Robert Schwartz was removed from bench in October 2002 because of severe addiction to OxyContin for more than eight years– after he was no longer able to hold court. He was never prosecuted, nor were his medical records seized. www.drudgereport.com/rush5.htm

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