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Ron Paul supporters aim to break record for contributions on Nov. 5

On Monday, Nov 5, Ron Paul supporters are hoping to pull off something never before attempted, as far as we know, in a political campaign: collecting $10 million in donations in a single day. The method: getting 100,000 Americans to go to www.ronpaul2008.com, click on “donate now,” and give $100. That would raise $10,000,000.

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean, also a physician, pioneered political fund-raising on the internet and reportedly pulled in $1 million/wk. Dean is now chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Dr. Paul, a life member of AAPS, is called “Dr. No” in Congress, where he represents Texas, because he votes no on all legislation not explicitly authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

The Paul campaign is generally ignored by the mainstream media, as well as talk radio, although he makes a strong showing in straw polls and internet polls. He is said to be the favorite Republican candidate among American blacks, and a large fraction of his supporters are youths.

Paul told Jay Leno that the campaign was going so well that “there’s probably a risk I could win.”

“Despite my being impressed with Ron Paul, I must confess that I have, like my colleagues in the Fifth Estate, ignored this drafted Air Force Flight surgeon turned U.S. congressman,” writes columnist Ellen Ratner. “After reading Ron Paul’s website, along with several of the policy papers he has written over the years, I have concluded that he may stand a chance in a Republican primary after all. Republican primary voters are tired of big government, big spending, big regulation, big trade cartels, big foreign commitments and big egos” (WorldNetDaily 10/22/07).

“Yes, it was a joke at first,” writes Alan Stang. “But as Dr. No says, the freedom message is intoxicating, and it’s the only thing he says.” (NewsWithViews 11/2/07).

Supporters hope that an extraordinary showing in contributions on Nov 5 could force the press to cover Dr. Paul and his pro-liberty message.

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