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Ex-jailer gets 7 months for drug dealing; another doctor convicted for pain prescribing

An FBI sting operation to see who would take bribes to run cocaine while in uniform caught dozens of Southern Arizona prison guards, military personnel, and other public officials. Ex-prison guard Brett M. Riddle was sentenced to 7 months behind bars and fined $3,000, the amount of money he accepted to run 66 pounds of cocaine.

National Guard member and recruiter Doyle Morrison was also sentenced to 7 months and ordered to repay the $2,000 bribe he took to run 132 pounds of cocaine.

The maximum sentence handed out so far was for 10 months. All the defendants took plea bargains guaranteeing that none would serve more than 5 years in prison (Ariz. Daily Star 7/28/07).

Meanwhile, another physician, Dr. William Mangino of Pennsylvania, age 64, who was convicted for violating the drug act by writing unnecessary prescriptions for OxyContin and for related Medicaid-fraud counts, is in the Lawrence County Jail awaiting sentencing scheduled for Sept 14, so far having been unable to raise $3,500 bail. Dr. Mangino is destitute, having had no source of income during the 3 years he was awaiting trial. He intends to appeal the conviction. Bail is likely to be set very high or denied at sentencing because five of nine counts carry mandatory minimum prison terms.

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