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Doctors want to take over management of local hospital

After a public meeting that highlighted problems with the management of Christus Spohn Hospital in Beeville, Texas, resulting in the loss of three physicians and surgical coverage, a number of administrators in the system resigned. Physicians are now having discussions with community leaders about the possibility of running the hospital themselves.

“Our vision for the health care of Bee County is to return management of the hospital to local control and to continue to advocate for our residents’ health care needs,” said AAPS member Dr. Rodney Schorlemmer. “We think that with the support of the community, this can be accomplished.”

Dr. Schorlemmer, one of the physicians who left over concerns such as sham peer review, said that local citizens had sought him out and suggested that local physicians take over (Bee-Picayune 6/13/07).

Dr. Lawrence Huntoon, Chairman of the AAPS Committee to Combat Sham Peer Review, participated in the town hall meeting that aroused community concern about the hospital.

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