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News of the Day ... In Perspective


Update on reply to Michael Moore’s movie Sicko

A number of AAPS members have volunteered to help rescue Canadians stuck on waiting lists from “universal health care.”

Producer Logan Darrow Clements is planning to offer a reward for Canadian patients to present the best example of waiting list horrors. He asked us to send the message below. Visit his website to learn about the movie and to sign up to receive updates on the production schedule. http://www.sickandsickermovie.com


Dear AAPS members: Thank you for your kind words of support for movie about socialized medicine ("Sick and Sicker"). Since I was unable to raise financial support for my movie I am self funding it with the aid of Visa and MasterCard and am now camped- out on the Canadian border. In my first two days I taped interviews with two very important people: a man whose Supreme Court case struck down Quebec's ban on private insurance and a former Minister of Health for Quebec. Next I move to the province of Ontario. In order to get Canadian patients with health care horror stories to step forward and agree to be interviewed I'm considering throwing a contest, "Wait List Winner" (like American Idol) where Canadians would compete to tell their horrible waiting list stories. Perhaps we'd team them up with a musician to put their story to music. I need to offer a prize to the final winner of at least $3,000. If you'd like to put up part or all of this prize money please contact Logan at [email protected] or phone 310-424-5662.


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