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Legislators from 25 states call for end to "illegal alien invasion"

A new coalition called State Legislators for Legal Immigration has announced an “unprecedented and historic effort to secure borders and cut off all economic attractions for illegal aliens.”

Pennsylvania state representative Daryl Metcalfe demanded “full cooperation” from all levels of government to “secure America’s borders against unlawful invasion.” This would include elimination of all attractions such as welfare and taxpayer-funded benefits such as education.

Metcalfe accused Washington of being “AWOL on fulfilling its Constitutional responsibilities to secure our nation’s borders against foreign invaders.” The new coalition, he said, “represents a 21st century Declaration of Independence from property theft, drug running, human trafficking, increased violent crime, increased gang activity, terrorism and the many other clear and present dangers directly associated with illegal immigration” (CNSNews.com 5/22/07).

At a press conference announcing the coalition in Arizona, a small crowd of Jon Kyl supporters (rumored to be McCain staffers) positioned themselves and their signs behind the speakers so as to be clearly visible from all camera angles. Sen. Kyl’s office has reportedly been deluged with calls from Arizonans accusing him of breaking a campaign promise not to support amnesty. Sen. Kyl voted for ending the filibuster on the immigration bill.

A vote on the bill has been delayed until after Memorial Day, as a grassroots movement to stop the bill gains force. Opponents say that the bill constitutes a silent amnesty.

U.S. Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff acknowledged that there is a “fundamental unfairness” in legislation that allows illegals to remain, but that forcing them to leave would be impossible. The bill is “bowing to reality” (Reuters 5/24/07).

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan agrees that we can’t tear sobbing immigrants from their homes and put them on a bus. We should debate—at length—what to do with illegals who are here, but we should do “whatever it takes to close [the borders] tight and solid.”

“Naturally I hope the new immigration bill fails,” she writes. “It is less a bill than a big dirty ball of mischief, malfeasance and mendacity, with a touch of class malice” (Chuck Muth’s News & Views 5/26/07).

Craig Cantoni writes: “I’ve done something that few reporters, pundits and members of Congress have done. I’ve read all 347 pages of the Secure Border, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007.” He suggests renaming it the Secure Economic Opportunities for Lawyers, Consultants, and Bureaucrats Act of 2007.

Provisions include detention camps for 20,000 illegal aliens (0.1 percent of the number estimated to be in the country); a commission to set the wages of guest workers, at union scale for wages that would otherwise be covered by collective bargaining; sharing of Social Security numbers and tax information between various agencies; and complicated mandates for employers to verify the immigration status of prospective employees. There are apparently no similar requirements for schools that will cost taxpayers nearly half a million dollars per family of four children over 12 years, nor for hospitals.

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