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Governors try to enforce international treaty by executive order

Impatient with lack of action by Congress and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to implement the Kyoto Treaty, which was never ratified by the U.S. Senate, five western governors have decided to impose emission controls on their states. Only Arnold Schwarzenegger of California has authorization from the legislature. Governors of Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington have simply issued executive orders.

The governors agreed to a regional target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions within 6 months through a “cap and trade” program and to participation in a multi-state registry to track emissions (Reuters News Service 2/27/07).

Gov. Janet Napolitano of Arizona issued an order last September to cut greenhouse-gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, and she has challenged the state to move the timetable up to 2012. (Arizona Daily Star 2/27/07). Arizona’s emissions have increased 56% since 1990. This is not surprising as Arizona is one of the fastest growing states in the nation.

Napolitano asserts that Arizona is especially hard hit by climate change, attributing drought, wildfires, and reduced snow packs to human-caused global warming.

The goals are “aspirational” at present; the state may need additional legal authority to enforce them. The result will be a substantial increases in utility bills, but retired Arizona State University vice president Jack Pfister minimizes the impact, saying it will occur gradually.

The realities of the world are that leadership fills vacuums,” said Pfister in commenting on Napolitano’s exertion of non-legislated executive authority.

The “cap and trade” scheme, called by some the “cap and charade” method, could lead to an “orgy of rent seeking,” without noticeable impact on emissions (Arnold Kling, TCSDaily 3/6/07).

Stated James Hansen, one of the most prominent advocates of the catastrophic human-caused global warming hypothesis, the United States should stop building coal-fired plants, and older polluting utilities “must be bulldozed” before mid-century (Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post 2/27/07).

The Kyoto emissions targets are the first small step in a global energy rationing regime, the consequences of which would be human deaths of “genocidal” proportions, writes Arthur Robinson. This is being justified by threats of a global Apocalypse, based on a claimed “consensus” of scientists, dissent from which is demonized and marginalized.

Actual data show that: (1) currently, the average global temperature is a little below the 3,000-year average; (2) the recent warming trend began long before the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide; (3) the global temperature cycle closely tracks variations in solar activity, accounting for recent warming on Mars, Jupiter, Triton, Neptune, and Pluto, as well as earth; (4) the “hockey stick” curve featured in Al Gore’s Oscar-winning propaganda film is a plot of the growth rate of long-lived pines, based on tree-ring data. One can conclude nothing about temperature from this graph without correcting for the proven fertilizing effect of carbon dioxide on plant growth (Access to Energy, January 2007).

As also shown by Gov. Rick Perry’s rule by executive order on human papilloma virus vaccine, scientific and public health assertions are becoming a tool for grabbing executive power and ruling by administrative fiat.

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