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Mental health rights advocate enjoined not to distribute documents on Zyprexa

Eli Lilly has asked for and obtained an injunction to prevent Jim Gottstein from distributing documents he obtained by subpoena from the records of a court case pertaining to side effects of the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa.

Gottstein is president of Law Project for Psychiatric Rights, which focuses on preventing unwarranted court-ordered psychiatric drugging. http://psychrights.org

The documents allegedly show reprehensible conduct by the drug maker in attempting to conceal its knowledge of serious side effects and its instructions to sales people to market the drug for off-label uses.

Gottstein fears that Lilly may seek “financially ruinous contempt citations” against him.

The New York Times and other news organizations that have the documents were not named in the injunction.

Gottstein plans to continue to use mechanisms suggested in the court order to obtain access to documents for his clients. He states that the most important issue is the right of the public to know the truth about the drug.

“Zyprexa has killed and permanently sickened thousands of people who have taken it,” he states.

Zyprexa is associated with weight gain and the onset of diabetes.

Lilly has derived about $4.4 billion in revenue from the drug (www.newmediaexplorer.org 2/14/07).

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