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U.N. says 30 nations have nuclear potential; South Korea having civil defense drills

During a recent civil defense drill in South Korea, office workers donned gas masks. Technically, the country remains in a state of war, as the cease-fire that ended the Korean War was never replaced by a peace treaty. South Korea is one of the nations identified by the U.N. as having the potential to make nuclear arms in short order.

Despite U.N. objections, North Korea is said to be preparing for a second nuclear test explosion.

Countries said to be considering a nuclear weapons program in the near future include Egypt, Bangladesh, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Namibia, Moldova, Nigeria, Poland, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and Yemen (AP 10/17/06).

The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recently posted some useful information about nuclear blasts and radiological dispersion devices (“dirty bombs”) though the need for ventilating a shelter seems to have been forgotten. Unfortunately, there is still no information on radiological monitoring, not even links to U.S. government websites with instructions on how to build a homemakeable radiation meter.

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