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Seniors object to loss of current prescription drug benefits. According to The New York Times of October 18, 2003, the proposed Medicare drug "benefit" contributes to a slippage in Bush's popularity with senior voters, to a 49% approval rate.

Jack Banister, a retiree interviewed for a New York Times/CBS News Poll said: "A lot of us have worked all our lives to prepare ourselves for retirement and put in position our drug care system. And the federal government coming in is likely to screw all that up."

Edward F. Coyle, executive director of the Alliance for Retired Americans, said: "The more seniors know about the prescription drug benefit, the more they don't like it."

Additional information:

One in three seniors with employer-based prescription drug coverage would lose it. (AAPS News Nov 2003 legislative supplement)

In 1965, 7.7 million seniors instantly lost their private insurance and became government dependents. (www.jpands.org/vol8no1/annis.pdf).

By 2030, the drug benefit would saddle households with an additional $1,125 taxes each year (AAPS News, legislative supplement Sept 2003).

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