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Thank Hillary Clinton for flu vaccine shortage

“The current mismatch of immediate demand and available supply [for influenza vaccine] can be blamed on the federal Vaccines for Children Program–Hillary Clinton’s dry run for national health care,” writes Robert Goldberg (Washington Times, 12/17/03).

The federally price-controlled bulk purchase of vaccines has decimated the vaccine industry. The number of developers of childhood vaccines has decreased from 20 to four.

As First Lady, Hillary Clinton used her influence to have government agencies buy most of the flu vaccine, in order to force the price of shots as low as possible. All but two manufacturers went out of business, and last year lost millions when doses went unsold, writes Steve Marr of Business Reform. (www.wnd.com.)

Further information:

Clinton Task Force plan to “contain costs” of all pharmaceuticals. www.aapsonline.org/judicial/archive.htm, click on “Briefing Books” then on “Prescription Drugs.”

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