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Blood donors refused after travel to malaria-prone area

From 2000 through last year, the Red Cross lost about 364,562 blood donations because of deferrals due to travel. Short-term travelers to malaria-prone areas are not allowed to donate for one year. Anyone who spent more than a year in such an area or suffered malaria-like symptoms is refused for three years.

Many whose donations are refused never return.

There is no reliable blood test for all species of malaria.

While the deferrals affect only about one percent of the blood supply, this could be significant in times of shortage. And the problem is worsening as tourism increases (Fox News 12/12/05).

Since the Environmental Protection Agency banned DDT, malaria rates surged worldwide. Current control efforts that do not use effective methods of vector control have done little to reduce the rates.

Additional information:

Kill Malarial Mosquitoes NOW! Declaration, AAPS News of the Day 11/6/05.


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