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Hundreds of buildings may have collapse potential of World Trade Center

Federal investigators studying the collapse of the WTC suggest that the light-weight, spray-on, [asbestos-free] fireproofing commonly used since the 1960s may leave many steel buildings far more vulnerable to structural damage during a major fire than previously thought.

It is too soon to know whether a formal alert will be issued.

“Whether the collapse of the twin towers was inevitable given the structural damage done by the hijacked planes, or whether the towers would have been able to stand with better fire protection is not known” (New York Times, Dec. 14, 2003). The implications for other buildings could be the most important outcome of the $16 million study.

Additional information:

“Did Flawed Science and Litigation Help Bring Down the World Trade Center?” by Andrew Schlafly, J Am Phys Surg, fall, 2003.

Correspondence regarding Schlafly article

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