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Supreme Court hears argument in Foster case

On December 3, the Supreme Court heard arguments concerning whether to overturn a 9th Circuit Court order to release, under the Freedom of Information Act, original Polaroid photographs of the body of Vincent Foster taken immediately after it was discovered in Fort Marcy Park.

The photographs might confirm or refute the possibility that Mr. Foster had a gunshot wound to the neck or a pattern of blood flow inconsistent with the posture of the body as found in the park, and thus contradict or support the government’s contention that Mr. Foster committed suicide in the park.

The case was brought by California attorney Allen Favish, who was supported by amicus briefs filed by AAPS and Eagle Forum and also by media organizations.

The Office of Independent Counsel opposes release of the photographs, invoking a FOIA privacy exemption.

Additional information:

Associated press story: http://www.msnbc.com/news/1000907.asp

9th Circuit decision, Government brief, AAPS/Eagle Forum amicus brief

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