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Internet drug ring busted

A drug ring run primarily by two Temple University students was delivering as many as 2.5 million doses of DEA-controlled substances every month to tens of thousands of customers in the United States and elsewhere, according to DEA officials.

The drugs were mostly made in India and Hungary, sent by bulk shipment, and repackaged in Philadelphia or later in Queens, N.Y. The operation that was shut down supplied more than 200 web sites and shipped as many as 1,000 packages a day by express package service.

The online “consultations” consisting of a brief questionnaire are illegal in most states, and selling a controlled drug without a prescription is illegal under federal law.

DEA Administrator Karen Tandy said that the illegal use of prescription narcotics is as much a problem now as use of heroin and cocaine.

About 20 persons have been arrested (Washington Times 4/21/05).

Additional information:

War on Drugs turning into war on pain patients and doctors. AAPS press release, Jan 16, 2003.

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