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Schiavo lets wife receive Easter Communion

After two priests were arrested for trying to bring the Sacrament to Terri Schiavo on Easter Sunday, her husband Michael Schiavo relented and allowed a priest to place a drop of consecrated wine on her tongue.

This was called a “small but important conciliatory gesture” (Knight Ridder Newspapers, Mar 28, 2005). The priest was also permitted to administer the last rites.

Despite the assertions that she is in a PVS and not feeling any pain from 10 days without food or water, Mrs. Schiavo is reportedly receiving a morphine drip.

Terri’s parents are out of legal options after frantic efforts to save her from court-ordered starvation and dehydration based on wishes she allegedly expressed many years ago. Judge Greer placed no credence in her family’s belief that vocalizations made before the feeding tube was removed represented a desperate attempt to say “I want to live.”

The police guards are holding up visits to other patients as they diligently assure that no one sneaks a drop of water to Terri Schiavo.

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