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News of the Day ... in Perspective

11/18/2003 AARP endorses Medicare expansion.

The AARP plans to spend $7 million for a barrage of advertising to get the $400 billion Medicare expansion passed, despite scathing comments by some Democrats. Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) complains about the $12 billion “slush fund to lure seniors into private coverage” (AP, Nov. 17. 2003).

Some MSA advocates urge passage of the bill because it contains a new tax break for individuals who purchase high-deductible medical insurance. But one MSA advocate asks: “Given that (1) MSA expansions have passed the House numerous times; (2) there are more than 50 votes for MSAs in the Senate; and (3) we have a President who supports MSAs—do we really need to spend $400 billion on the last few feet?”

The bill is 1,071 pages long. Members of Congress will not get a copy of it until Wednesday or Thursday, giving them little time to read it before voting Saturday or Sunday.

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