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Kennedy holds the power on Medicare reform; Hillary says let Bush experiment on his supporters.

As acrimonious closed-door sessions continue on the Medicare prescription drug bill, H.R. 1, Senator Edward Kennedy, who might filibuster, reiterated his opposition to a premium support plan, stating in a Nov. 13 letter that it is a Republican attempt to privatize Medicare. A Senate Democratic aide told the Bureau of National Affairs that “it’s hard to imagine a demonstration project that would be acceptable” to Kennedy (Regulation and Law, Nov 14, 2003).

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) suggested that the projects be implemented in states that back President Bush: “Let them experiment on people who voted for them” (Sarah Lueck and David Rogers, Wall St J, Nov. 13, 2003, online.wsj.com.

She did not suggest allowing states that supported Bush to experiment with unlimited Health Savings Accounts.

The most far-reaching and costly expansion of the federal government in the nation’s history may come to a vote the week of Nov. 17.

Additional information:

AAPS says five free-market elements are necessary in any Medicare reform.

Forty-one House members ask for at least three days to read the bill before voting.

“A Look at Medicare’s Foolish Prescription for Bankruptcy”.]by Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune, Nov 13, 2002,

AAPS White Paper and Medicare Reform Proposal

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