Send a message to Senator Nelson

The bill should be killed.

There are two more chances to kill the healthcare bill in the Senate tomorrow, so more action is needed.

First, there will be a vote on the constitutionality

Second, will be the final cloture vote around 2 pm before proceeding to the final vote on the bill, which is now scheduled for 8 am Christmas Eve.  Votes needed for cloture are 60.  Today, Sen. Barrasso, M.D. (R-WY) talked about John F. Kennedy’s book, “Profiles in Courage” and said that we need one Democrat to exhibit courage and stand up and say that this is a bad bill, and that these sweetheart deals are unfair.  Maybe we can convince Ben Nelson (D-NE) to go back to his previous courageous stand against the bill.


1. Write a letter to Sen. Ben Nelson expressing your position on his flip-flop.  If you intend to help any opponent he may have in his re-election, you might mention that in your letter. 

We will deliver the letters to Sen. Nelson’s office before the vote tomorrow.

An easy form is posted on

2. Contact your Senators to tell them to vote that the bill is unconstitutional, largely due to the individual mandate.  You can find your Senators’ contact information at

Two big announcements from groups on the left today grabbed our attention.

The self-acknowledged government single-payer doctors from Physicians for a National Health Plan wrote to Senators:

“We have concluded that the Senate bill’s passage would bring more harm than good.”

The negatives, the group says, “include the individual mandate requiring that people buy private insurance policies, large government subsidies to private insurers, the unfair taxing of high-cost health plans, and cuts of $43 billion in Medicare payments to safety-net hospitals.”

And put out a list of “5 Critical Flaws in the Senate Healthcare Bill” including: #4: Tax American workers’ health coverage to pay for reform.

Senators Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) and John Ensign (R-Nevada), raised a Constitutional Point of Order on the Senate floor against the Democrat health care takeover bill on behalf of the Steering Committee, a caucus of conservative senators. The Senate will vote tomorrow on the bill’s constitutionality.

Further, during our “Virtual Vigil” webcast Sunday night, national radio talk show host, Mike Siegel, who is an attorney, explained that the bill violates a basic legal concept of “breadth.”

Once again, the Senate leadership is ignoring its own rules.

It’s complex, but the net effect is that Sen. Harry Reid inserted language into the health care legislation changing the Senate rules so that internally the Senate must have two-thirds of the Senate in agreement to consider any future amendments to Obamacare on the floor.  Oh, the Senate is actually supposed to vote on rules changes. 

A big thanks to all of our special guests, callers and listeners Sunday night during the lead-up to the Senate vote.  RNC Chairman Michael Steele was particularly forthright and candid, and other guests such as Grover Norquist, Reps. Tom Price & Phil Gingrey, and many physicians had great information.  If you missed it, you can listen to the vigil here.

We had hundreds trying to dial in to speak, and stayed in live for 5 hours to 2 in the morning.  And we collected more than 1,000 letters to the Senate that were delivered today. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT